How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

How to reduce your carbon footprint. How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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ac_unit Heating & cooling

  • wb_sunny Install solar water heater system
  • home Insulate your house
  • home Install window shutters
  • home Install double glazing windows.
  • home Close windows and doors (except for ventilation)
  • ac_unit Prefer A/C heating to electric/gas/wood heating
  • ac_unit Prefer gas heating to wood/coal
  • home Consider to cover your roof with plants
  • home Consider to cover your roof with white paint/cover at summer
  • ac_unit Prefer fan to A/C
  • ac_unit Prefer local heating/cooling to global
  • ac_unit Prefer inverter A/C to regular on/off A/C
  • ac_unit Set A/C's thermostat to moderate temperature
  • ac_unit Use A/C heating instead of electric heater
  • ac_unit Use A/C locally in the room instead of the whole house
  • ac_unit Clean A/C's filters
  • ac_unit Wear clothes that fit the current temperature
  • ac_unit Wear thick clothes to keep warm
  • ac_unit Wear lite clothes to keep cool
  • ac_unit Use water heat pump
  • free_breakfast Drink cold water when hot & warm drinks when cold

kitchen Appliances

lightbulb_outline Lighting

shopping_cart Shopping

restaurant Food

naturedescription Wood

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Electricity Sources

  • autorenew Use electricity from renewable sources.
  • wb_sunny Install solar panels on your roof to generate electricity.
  • wb_sunny Clean your solar panels regulary to increase panel efficiency.


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