How to reduce plastic waste pollution

autorenewdelete Recycle your plastic waste
Put your plastic waste in a dedicated plastic recycle bin.
local_drinkrestaurant Avoid disposable plastic cups/plates and cutlery
Disposable cups/plates and cutlery pollution is caused by plastic cups, plastic coated paper cups and foam cups and plates. Use glass cups or paper cups and non disposable dishes and cutlery instead.
local_drink Drink tap water
Drink tap water or filtered tap water, instead of buying bottled water. Bottled water contain larger amounts of microplastic, than tap water.
local_grocery_store Avoid plastic bottles
Plastic bottles generate plastic waste. Use glass bottles that can be reused.
shopping_basket Avoid plastic bags
Reduce plastic waste by using non disposable plastic bags.
shopping_basket Avoid disposable shopping bags
Use reusable shopping bags or paper bags, and ask the seller not to wrap the product that you bought.
shopping_basket Buy reusable bottles fastfood Avoid fast food
When you buy fast food, most restaurants use disposable cups, straws and bottles. Prefer to eat where you can get non-plastic cups, straws and bottles.
local_cafe Make your own coffee
When you make your own coffee, it is easier to use non disposable cap.
shopping_cart Avoid buying unnecessary products
Most people buy many unnecessary products and then thorw them away.
shopping_cart Buy big food packages
Buy one big food package instead of several small food packages. This will reduce packages material.
shopping_cart Buy solid soap & shampoo
Liquid soup and shampoo require plastic containers.
how_to_vote Vote for environmental friendly candidates
Evironmental friendly candidates will support plastic pollution reduction laws.
how_to_vote Support plastic tax
Plastic tax will reduce plastic usage and will promot using alternative evironmental friendly materials.
thumb_up Support banning plastic cups/paltes & cutlery sale
Support banning plastic cups/plates & cutlery manufacture and sale.
local_laundry_service Buy natural fabric clothes
Synthethic fabric clothes emmit microplastics to the environment.
local_laundry_service Wash your laundry with cold water
Cold water reduce microplastics emissions from the clothes.
nature Use Bioplastic products
Prefer to use Bioplastic products made of plant sources such as corn and vegetables.
nature Buy reusable bottles
Buy reusable water/milk bottles instead of disposable bottles. Reusable stainless steel & glass bottles can reduce manufaturing many plastic bottles.
nature Buy natural fiber clothes
Plastic fiber clothes pollute the water with microplastics fibers shedding off the clothes in the washer.


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